Saturday, August 27, 2011


Two years old! I can't believe it! We were planning to go to a petting zoo this morning for Ava's Birthday, but with it being rainy and not knowing exactly when mean old hurricane Irene was coming, it all put a damper on our plans. Grandma and Grandpa Smith are also away right now in Alaska so we weren't planning on having the full Birthday celebration with cake and everything until they get back anyway. It just felt a little funny; being such a great day to celebrate such a great girl and not having more going on. I felt bad that I hadn't planned better, but at the last minute we decided to buy a little cake mix and have cupcakes and dinner with the Brownings. It was nice. Ava was happy to play with her cousins and I think she felt like it was a special day even though we didn't do a lot. She did get some great gifts from Grandparents and was VERY happy about that(thank you Grandparents)! Elijah and Ivy made a cute sign for Ava to see when she came upstairs and that made it feel more special and official! I guess I just had more of an expectation of what this birthday should mean or be because last year Ava had just had her cleft palate repair and had to wear no-no's on her arms. I imagined all these perfect scenarios of how it was going to be, things I would make, and how it would make up for last year, and in the end it wasn't like any of those I imagined, but Ava was happy. I think I'm learning that it really doesn't take much and things don't need to be perfect; in fact they really shouldn't be. Adults get these funny ideas in their heads of what it means to be happy, and then kids remind you how it really is. I have so much to say about Ava, how well she is doing, how much she has come alive in the last while and how she is such a bright star in our lives. Morgan and I couldn't feel luckier to be the parents of Ava. I will write more this next week as well as post a slideshow of Ava's first 2 years. Here are a few pictures from the fun evening we had with Ava and the Brownings.

We went in on this kitchen with my parents and Ava absolutely loves it! I do too and don't mind it being in our family room because it's so cute. We probably won't leave it in the middle of the room but it's very pleasant and just the perfect size for Ava.

Goodnight little frog!


Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ava!

Alyssa Whitney said...

So cute! I sure do love that little girl! It was great to see pictures-- I wish we could have been there.