Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to the Blog!

Well, after some serious time away from our blog I decided to push myself back into it. For a while I forgot we even had one until I heard complaints, and then the procrastination was about being overwhelmed with all that there was to catch up on, but I decided it didn't matter. This post will be random and not at all inclusive.

Morgan and I had a great day together on this particular day and took some pics. We had a picnic and all was well. Perfect food, perfect weather, perfect company.

The fourth of July.

Mom serving breakfast at our Ward's yearly 4th of July party.

Dad, Alyssa, and baby Elijah.

Allison, my friend from growing up, got married recently. Here are some pictures from the day. She seemed very happy.

My Parents took Morgan and I to a Nationals game. I don't know if I have ever been to a major league game before, but we had very close seats and it was a fun experience. I think I can enjoy this kind of thing every so often.

I went to Germany for a study abroad program and here are a few pictures and or highlights from my brief trip there:

This is the building I stayed in on the top floor. It had a beautiful view of the town of Steele.

This is the cathedral in Steele, which was really just a stone's throw away. I took this picture from my balcony. It was very much like a dream, but not quite because Morgan wasn't there.

Another view from a different window.

This is the outdoor market/grocery store that was right next door. They sold the most delicious yogurt by a company called movenpick of switzerland.

Squinty-eyed me in kettwig. Not the best picture, but the only picture of me in Germany so I thought I'd include it. I liked this town. It was one of the quaintest, yet bustling towns I went to. I had several people come up to me and speak German in a friendly manner, but I had to tell them I was no good at it. Oh those friendly old folk, they did recommend some good ice cream, and I was able to understand....somewhat.

A place I liked in Kettwig.

This is near the city center of Essen. Essen is a clean and pleasant city to be in. Pretty chill and layed back and 5 different H&M stores within walking distance. I liked the whole feel of it. Even though you were in a city, you didn't feel rushed.

We went to this artist's studio. Her name is Doro Hulder. As you can tell she likes bright colors. She was very friendly and obliging.


At the K21 Museum.

I was rather fond of these photographs of water towers.

Overall, good things to see and experience but better to come home and be with Morgan.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patricks Day party

Since my birthday was on a school day (March 17th) Lindsay and Chester threw a little party for me and we ate Mississippi Mud cake. This has been my birthday cake of choice for over ten years. However I will probably switch to something else from now on as it is too rich for Lindsay.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This and that

We thought we should get our semesterly post in. This is a couch that Lindsay made out of cardboard for her 3-D design class. We are having a good semester but Lindsay is super busy with projects like this. She is having fun though! This last week we had spring break and got the whole week off! We celebrated our anniversary early (March 25th) since we will be in school on that day. We just stayed around here and went out to eat and shopping!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Christmas and new Semester

Trip to Maryland

Christmas Party!! (stressful but turned out well)

We hope that everyone had a good holiday and is enjoying 2008. Here are some picutres from Christmas and our trip to Maryland. We had a lot of fun hanging out at home, shopping, and playing board games. We got to see the Everetts the day we got home we didn't take them to Logan (as we had origianally planned) because it was supposed to snow a lot. It didn't snow the next day but did on Sunday and didn't stop for most of the week. That is how we built the bear. Lindsay and I are both enjoying our new majors, Art and Landscape architecture. Lindsay is thinking of going to Germany this summer for study abroad which seems really cool but I will miss her so much. It will be for five weeks and not for the whole summer so it is not going to be as bad as it could be (I coudn't survive if she went for more, it would be like going on a mission all over again).