Monday, November 12, 2007

Rock-star Lindsay

Since we are expecting Logan to get a lot colder, we are trying to find warmer clothing than we have. In Logan we don't have Gap or B.R. so we are getting to know our local Old Navy (which is nicer on the pocket book). Lindsay found this great shirt (pictured), and I thought she looked cool playing the guitar. I am trying to get her to write some more songs, doesn't that sound nice?


The weather has been unusually warm this fall which has given us the opportunity to ride bikes more. We love riding around Logan because everything is so close; Michaels, Cafe Rio, Walmart, Kohls, Kmart, Home Depot, Chilis, Ross, D.I. just to name a few. When we took this video it was a little colder than normal but we still had fun. (The reason the clip is so short is because I was unaware it was on the video setting and was trying to take a picture).