Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some more baby

In the last post we forgot to mention that we are having a girl! It was such an exciting day when we found out. It seemed like we waited for that ultrasound for way too long even though it was just a little after 19 weeks. It's hard to explain how cool it was to actually see her. It was amazing to be able to see that she actually exists and can move and has all of her own parts. I was so sick until about 17 weeks and only had that as proof that I really was pregnant, so to be able to see her was a happy experience indeed. Morgan and I can't wait to see her again, maybe at 32 weeks. We know that other people's ultrasound pictures are never quite as interesting as your own, but here are a few if you can figure out what is going on:

Her face. Kind of blurry and she still has a lot of growing to do, but this is her profile.

Her head is facing downward, you can see her spine and her leg bent at the top.

This is how we know she is a girl. It's a little intrusive (sorry baby) but still cute to me! (Looking from below her).

The only thing we have gotten so far is her crib. Morgan did a great job of putting it together before we left Logan. It is hard to not be able to be there and get everything ready, but I'm getting ideas and planning things out.

I like these Martha Stewart tissue paper pom pom balls and want to hang them in her room. I definitely want to use the pinks, but they also come in white, so I might do a mixture. Morgan is going to repaint her room since it is more of a mature tan color right now, but I'm still deciding on the color. Silver sage from restoration hardware always pulls me in. Several rooms in our house are painted that color, but I think it's so pretty and calming. I think it might be nice with bright decorations such as the pom pom balls.

These are crib sheets that i like all by Dwell.

I have really liked sashiko for a long time and have experimented with it a little, but i decided that I want to make a baby quilt with sashiko squares like these. I haven't designed the layout of the quilt or decided on the entire color scheme, but most likely the stitching will be in white and i will either use some of the traditional geometric sashiko patterns, or I will design those too. I am very excited for this, but it's going to be a big project!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pregnancy pics

Well, we are back in Maryland and I am working at Coverstar. It's nice to be done with another year of school. One exciting thing is that I found out yesterday that I made it into the Landscape Architecture program. I still have two more years but at least that is certain now. The big news in our lives right now for anyone who doesn't know already is that Lindsay is pregnant! She is 22 weeks along and showing more everyday. Here are some cute pictures of her.