Thursday, June 2, 2011


Ava sleeps peacefully now. Surgery went well yesterday, but it was a little harder on Ava than last time because Dr Campbell had to replace part of the rod and it makes her a little more sore than just a regular expansion. This morning she is still pretty out of it and not her normal self quite yet, but she shows small signs every once and a while that she will come around soon. Dr Campbell said he stretched her out quite a bit and showed us the x ray which looks better than before. Morgan and I tried sharing one of the small chairs to sleep on last night and couldn't ever get comfortable so we are a bit groggy today, but other than that we are happy Ava is okay.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to Philadelphia-Surgery # 9

We're back to Philadelphia for Ava's 2nd expansion surgery. Things are going very well. Ava is still in surgery now but every so often they give us updates to let us know how it's going, and so far so good. Ava has been doing very well lately and even began walking a couple weeks ago! We couldn't be happier with her progress and will keep updating!